May 21, 2015

Costa Rica as a nation has gone the first 75 days of 2015 using only reusable energy to power their energy grid; zero fossil fuels have been used to generate electricity. Their goal is for the entire nation to be carbon neutral by 2021, and they are on a fast track to accomplishing this.

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May 17, 2015

Los Delirios is back for the eleventh straight year. As you may already know, this coffee is produced on an organic farm in the mountains of northwestern Nicaragua by the Canales family. Intelligentsia began working with Sr. Daniel Canales in 2004, the year his coffee won first place at Nicaragua’s Cup of Excellence competition. Sr. Canales’ coffee made history as the first certified organic coffee to win a Cup of Excellence event. Today the farm is run by Sr. Canales’ sons: Milton, Norman, and Donal.... Read more »

May 11, 2015

It’s been a minute since our last music collaboration, but as Summer approaches and Spring lets us shake off the last cobwebs of Winter, it’s time we celebrate the things that happen around the cup and partner with the best out there. Tomorrow we announce a new collaboration with Grado Labs, a Brooklyn based company that hand makes headphones and cartridges. The team from Grado came by our New York lab last week and tasted a bunch of our fresh crop arrivals from Central America. Their favorite was Los Delirios from Nicaragua.... Read more »

April 23, 2015

As Spring attempts to establish a hold - we're starting to seeing warmer weather in our home city of Chicago. Yes it snowed during the week, and yes you still need to wear a coat outside, but it still got us thinking about summer and things you drink and serve to help temper the heat. Few things do this better than iced tea. With a ingredient cost of $0.06 per 16oz cup, iced tea presents a remarkable simple and delicious addition to your menu at a great margin. We made a short video outlining the steps to brewing iced tea on your Fetco.

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April 23, 2015

Last summer we saw countless stories about iced coffee in the press. Most of these focused on the various ways of doing it at home, but regardless, the popularity of this drink is only on the up. We use the cold brewed method in our stores, which yields a very dense, decadent brew. But for those who but for those of you who have Fetco's, we made a short video showing you the steps.... Read more »

April 20, 2015

Colombia is a country with some of the most spectacular natural resources and biodiversity on the planet. It is actually the second most diverse country in the world in terms of species per land unit, with a large chunk of its territory set within the Amazonian region. It is the country that gave birth to Cumbia music, delivered us such literary greats as Gabriel García Márquez, and became the standard setter for coffee quality in the sixties and seventies. To this day it remains the country with the most sophisticated smallholder coffee production system in existence.

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April 7, 2015

We're excited to announce that we're sponsoring the 2015 World Aeropress Championship, taking place this month in Seattle. Designed to celebrate the versatility of this beloved brewer, the competition will see national champions from over thirty countries converge in Seattle to see who's plunge stands out. The event takes place on Thursday April 9th at 6pm in WithinSodo, an event space at 2916 Utah Ave South, Seattle. (Google Map)

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March 22, 2015

Intelligentsia Coffee is privileged to offer, for the third consecutive year, a Black Cat Project espresso sourced from our longtime Direct Trade partners at Finca Matalapa in El Salvador. Our history with coffees from Finca Matalapa runs deep. Finca Matalapa debuted as an Intelligentsia espresso in 2008, when it was used to win that year’s United States Barista Championship. This was the first time a single origin coffee took home top honors at the competition, a trend that now dominates current barista competitions.... Read more »

March 9, 2015

To the Greeks, Persephone was the daughter of harvest goddess Demeter. Popular mythology tells that Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, lord of the underworld. When Demeter learned of her daughter's fate, she conspired to prevent the earth's plants from bearing fruits until Persephone was allowed to return. Zeus consented to allow the restitution of the young goddess to the land of the living, though she was required to return to Hades annually because she had consumed pomegranate seeds, the fruit of the underworld.... Read more »

March 4, 2015

The Borderlands Project is one of the most exciting and innovative development programs being operated in coffee today. Its mission is relatively specific: to help improve the livelihoods of thousands of smallholder farmers living in the border regions of Southern Colombia and Northern Ecuador. Coffee was identified as the most appropriate vehicle to support this goal, as the area is blessed with advantageous climate conditions that create the potential for extraordinary coffee quality.... Read more »