Black Cat




The Black Cat Project™ is the pursuit of espresso perfection in all of its manifestations. The project is rooted in our belief that espresso is simply a technique of brewing coffee, and that only the best coffees can make the best espressos. We want to push the boundaries of flavor, extending far beyond existing paradigms and preconceptions. We want you to experience single origin, micro-lot, and seasonal espressos with remarkably distinct flavor profiles. We want you to join us in a journey that begins with thoughtful cultivation, discerning sourcing, artisanal roasting, methodical research and development, and ends with nothing short of complete satisfaction.

Black Cat Project Barista Tools

We are committed to developing the tools for the craft of the barista, from those that are an extension of their hands, to competition-honed training, to machines they will revere, to the perfect vessels for all things espresso. Ultimately, we hope to bring all of these disparate pieces together and leave you with the beautiful simplicity and complexity you’ll find on the other side of a great shot of espresso.