This past weekend we added a new drink to the Intelligentsia menu, milkshakes! The Black Cat Shake is a 16oz drink with two full shots of Black Cat Classic and ten and half ounces of Jeni's sweet cream flavored ice cream. The result is a decadent but balanced shake that lets the slight bitterness of espresso come through, but isn't overwhelmed by sweetness.

While milkshakes may not seem the most progressive coffee beverage, they are undoubtedly delicious. The reason we invest so much time and care into sourcing, roasting and brewing great coffee, is because the result is simply delicious. While we continue to explore new retail concepts that elevate and distinguish coffee, it's important we always keep delicious accessible.

The Black Cat Shake is only available at our Logan Square coffeebar for now, but don't be surprised if it pops up at a few of our other locations soon. A kid's shake called 'Chocolate Champ' is also available in an 8ox with just ice cream and our chocolate ganache, and we'll soon be launching our first limited edition shake - 'Chai will always love you.'