Brill Brew: A New Pornographers Selection

Posted: August 20, 2014 - 9:10am

Here at Intelligentsia, we look for interesting ways to promote our brand – one of which is aligning ourselves with brands that exist around coffee: design, fashion, art or music. The recent collaboration with St Vincent was one such example, and tomorrow we’re launching a collaboration with The New Pornographers.

Brill Brew

Like St Vincent, we are releasing a coffee titled by the band and named a New Pornographers’ selection. Frequent visitors of Intelligentsia, the band is about to launch their first new album in four years, entitled Brill Bruisers, named after Brill Builders - seemingly the greatest pop songwriters of the 20th Century who wrote in the Brill Building in NYC. As such, they chose to call the coffee brill Brew Brew. The coffee was chosen by the band - leader Carl Newman at a tasting in New York last month with our own Ramin Narimani and Jordan Barber. The food website Epicurious went along for the tasting and wrote a great article about it.

Brill Brew

The chosen coffee is an estate from Kenya called Hakimson, sourced by our head Chicago roaster and green buyer Alex Burbo. It’s a delicious coffee with only about 3500 12oz bags worth of coffee, so a relatively short run. Each bag comes with a complimentary download of the new album.

Coffee was first discovered in western Ethiopia before 1000 AD. Ethiopians consumed the cherry’s fruit or made tea from the pulp for several hundred years before brewing a beverage from the roasted seeds.