Broadway Coffeebar gets Remodeled

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 18 years. We wanted to thank you for what has been nothing short of a fantastic ride. After a long stretch we thought we owed you a remodel to bring our original flagship up to date. We hope you’ll love the changes. There will be twice as much seating, sun beaming in, and the coffee you were among the first to discover and share with your friends. - Doug Zell

As the birthplace of Intelligentsia, Broadway represents a time capsule of the company’s growth. The design of the store’s renovation seeks to blend many of the qualities of the original location with the company’s progressive ideas of brewing and serving coffee. With increased seating and an emphasis on a communal environment, the redesign offers a variety of environments to have a great coffee. The addition of a ‘slow bar’ offers guests the chance to relax at a more traditional bar setting and talk with Broadway’s baristas about what they’re drinking, the newest brewing device, or how their Saturday morning has been. With increased capacity and a refined material palette, the renovation of Broadway takes a simple mantra, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”; we’re excited to show you a little tune-up.

During the 3 week closure we held several popup coffee giveaways, providing our customers a tiny bit of comfort while their daily routine was interrupted for construction.

Coffee was first discovered in western Ethiopia before 1000 AD. Ethiopians consumed the cherry’s fruit or made tea from the pulp for several hundred years before brewing a beverage from the roasted seeds.