Kurimi Ethiopia wins at Good Food Awards

Last night, Geoff Watts and Sam Sabori attended the award ceremony of the 2014 Good Food Awards, held in San Francisco. This was Intelligentsia’s second consecutive year being nominated in the prestigious competition, and we are delighted to announce that our Kurimi, Ethiopia was a winner!

Kurimi was sourced by Geoff from Western Ethiopia, and roasted by Sam Sabori at our Los Angeles Roasting Works. An ode to the beauty and unparalleled complexity of Ethiopian coffee, this was one of our favorite coffees from this past year. Few others in the world offer the combination of dramatic intensity and operatic grace that are hallmarks of the best coffees from the country that gave birth to Arabica.

We couldn't be happier about this great news, a fantastic acknowledgment of the time and effort put in by the Shegole co-op from the Limu Union. Limu Union is also one of the flagship groups in the TechnoServe project that aims to increase rural incomes. We only have a little bit of this coffee left, so if you haven’t tried – get some in the next three weeks before it runs out!

Coffee was first discovered in western Ethiopia before 1000 AD. Ethiopians consumed the cherry’s fruit or made tea from the pulp for several hundred years before brewing a beverage from the roasted seeds.