The highest coffee farm in the world comes to Intelligentsia Broadway

This past Monday night, we hosted a Q&A with James McLaughlin from Intelligentsia and the producers from Finca Takesi at our Broadway coffeebar. At 55F outside, the sudden arrival of Spring in Chicago caused fears that no one would turn up, but luckily we saw a great turn out.

Guests got to try samples of the typica lot currently available, but also the geisha lot, scheduled for release next month. James discussed the history of Takesi with Mariana Iturralde Costa and Juvenal Quijhua Ari, and the challenges they face in trying to invest in quality practices at such a high altitude. The coffees tasted great and there were some great questions from the audience at the end.

The last question of the evening came from one our baristas, who asked Mariana what she'd like us to think about when brewing her coffee. Her answer was simple - "please take care of our coffee".