Our Fifth Annual Popup at NADA

For the 5th year in a row, we've sent a team of baristas to Miami and set up a full bar at the NADA Art Fair. Art Basel Miami is one of the biggest art shows in the world each year, so big that it has spawned many satellite shows that take place around Miami at the same time. NADA ( New Art Dealers Alliance) is one of the biggest, and showcases the world’s youngest and strongest art galleries dealing with emerging Contemporary Art.

We'll be serving coffee for all five days of the event, continuing our tradition of supporting great art fairs like Freize Art Fair in NY, NEXT, Expo Chicago and Art Contemporary in Los Angeles.

The fair takes place in the Deauville Hotel in Miami's North Beach, a famous old hotel where Ed Sullivan brought the Beatles to perform back in 1964. NADA is a non profit, so it's one of the few fairs that has free admission, meaning anyone can stop by and get some intelli. We'll have baristas from our NYC, Chicago and LA bars working. So if you are in the area, drop by!