On the back of every Intelligentsia coffee bag is the phrase, “Great coffee is not the result of chance.” A major way that Intelligentsia ensures the quality of our coffee is through education, at the retail, wholesale, and public levels. Much of our education is handled by a group of baristas known as Coffee Educators. The Educators ensure that everyone working with the coffees are given the skills and knowledge to ensure that the great coffee Intelligentsia has sourced is brewed to the same level of quality. Retail Educators handle quality control in stores by training staff and making sure the retail locations operate at the highest level.

Wholesale Educators work with Intelligentsia's many wholesale clients, training staff and providing customer support. Both groups also handle what is perhaps the most important part of coffee education: working with customers everyday, from holding events that show how to brew the best cup of coffee at home, to just explaining the story of where a coffee comes from to a customer. Intelligentsia strives to make sure that the great coffees we source, roast, and brew stay great, and the coffee education program helps us to achieve that goal. Intelligentsia leaves nothing to chance.

Retail Classes

Classes at our retail store vary from week to week in topic and length. Check out the calendar below to see all our store locations in Chicago and Los Angeles and the topics they will be covering. Please call the individual stores to RSVP.

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