Seedling Cider at Intelligentsia Coffeebars

Intelligentsia is excited to begin serving Seedling Cider at our Broadway, Old Town, Monadnock, and 1871 coffeebars.

All Seedling Ciders are made from only handpicked apples at their peak of flavor, all from the rich soils of Southwest Michigan. They are pressed in the mill, 100% natural, with no preservatives, and cold pasteurized (by ultraviolet light). Since the product is never heated, it's taste is that of true old fashioned cider.

Stop by any of the above locations and try a taste of this delicious, seasonal drink.

Coffee was first discovered in western Ethiopia before 1000 AD. Ethiopians consumed the cherry’s fruit or made tea from the pulp for several hundred years before brewing a beverage from the roasted seeds.