Sprudge announces our Logan Square as the best new cafe in 2013

Our friends over at Sprudge.com just posted the winners of their Sprudgie Awards, an annual tradition highlighting the best developments in specialty coffee around the world. Each member on their editorial team visited Logan over the past year to experience the unique service style and bar design.

Sprudge published a full review of the space back in August, including the following statement.

"Logan just works. You come into a lively, engaging space, sit down at a counter, are served how you expect to be served, are offered a range of tasteful options, receive a well-crafted product, and then can get down to the actual business of going to a cafe: enjoying your time, socially or singly, in any of the myriad indeterminate, informal ways that a true cafe offers."

We're delighted with the accolade, and couldn't be happier with our team of baristas at Logan making it work.