Classic Espresso Black Cat Project

This syrupy and sweet espresso blend has been the staple of our lineup since the very beginning. It is a product of intensive lot selection and close, direct work with the farmers who produce its components. The Black Cat Classic Espresso’s hallmark is its supreme balance and wonderful sweetness.

A Direct Trade Offering

$15.00 / 12 oz

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  • ProducerLuiz Paulo Pereira / Pedro Hugo Borre / Racafe
  • FarmFazenda Santa Ines / Fazenda Progresso / Various farms
  • CountryBrazil, Colombia
  • Elevation1150 - 1900 m.a.s.l
  • HarvestMay - September 2015
  • CultivarBourbon, Castillo, Catuaí, Caturra, Colombia


  • Temp. 200 F
  • Dose 18 - 18.5 g
  • Time 23 - 28 seconds with 5 second pre-infusion
  • Volume 36 - 40 ml with crema (30 -34 g)
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Classic Espresso, Black Cat Project is...

Black Cat Espresso

This project is rooted in our belief that espresso brewing is still coffee brewing and that only the best coffees can make the best espressos. We want to push the boundaries on flavor.

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Direct Trade

This coffee meets or exceeds Intelligentsia's Direct Trade standards. For a coffee to be given this status, Intelligentsia and the producer/cooperative partner must meet ALL of the following criteria.

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