Drying patio and cherry skins

These skins are used for compost on the cooperative's farms

Beautiful overlook at coopedota

Daniel Urena - Coopedota agronomist

Daniel Urena is a key asset to Coopedota.

Coopedota Mill - Drying Patio

Alta de Dota - Coopedota experimental farm at 1900M

Alta de Dota is the third and newest experimental farm just reaching its second year.

Roberto Mata Naranjo in the coffee fields.

Coopedota Costa Rica Single Origin Espresso

Raspberry jam-like and effervescent, this Costa Rican single origin espresso is at once bright, clean, and sweet. It makes for exceptional espressos and silky-sweet cappuccinos.

A Direct Trade Offering An In Season Offering

$18.00 / 12 oz

This coffee is shipping from Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco



  • ProducerCoopedota Cooperative
  • FarmVarious Farms
  • RegionTarrazu
  • CountryCosta Rica
  • Elevation1500 - 1900 m.a.s.l
  • HarvestJanuary - February
  • CultivarCaturra, Catuai


  • Temp. 199.5 F
  • Dose 18 g
  • Time 26 secs
  • Volume 35 g
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