Honey Badger Espresso

Our first and most popular seasonal espresso, Honey Badger makes a return for its sixth year on our lineup. We've chosen a trifecta of coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Costa Rica that in tandem offer a hefty, cola-like mouthfeel, along with vibrant flavors like pink grapefruit and blood orange. This espresso has an intense citric acidity rounded out by the sweetness of juicy red fruits like cherry and raspberry, along with delicate floral qualities like jasmine and lavender.

$22.00 / 12 oz

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  • ProducerCoopedota / Reko Washing Station / Mutheka Farmers Cooperative
  • RegionTarrazu, Yirgacheffe, Nyeri
  • CountryCosta Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya
  • Elevation1550 - 2100 m.a.s.l
  • HarvestNovember 2014 - January 2015
  • CultivarCatuai, Caturra, Indigenous varities, Batian, Ruiri 11, SL-28 and SL-34


  • Temp. 199.5 F
  • Dose 18 g
  • Time 28-30 seconds
  • Volume 35 g
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This project is rooted in our belief that espresso brewing is still coffee brewing and that only the best coffees can make the best espressos. We want to push the boundaries on flavor.

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