Sugar Glider Espresso

Sugar Glider is our annual showcase for the best of what the Southern Hemisphere has to offer as an espresso blend. Resplendent with sweetness and balance, notes of caramel, honey, citrus candy and red apple jelly are present in a smooth and satisfying shot. Sugar Glider cappuccinos are dessert-like and a must-try for the barista.

A Direct Trade Offering

$17.00 / 12 oz

This coffee is shipping from Chicago, Los Angeles



  • CountryBolivia, Brazil, Rwanda
  • Elevation1300 - 1950 m
  • HarvestMay - October
  • CultivarBourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Mundo Novo, Typica


  • Temp. 199.5 F
  • Dose 18.5 g
  • Time 25 seconds
  • Volume 31.5 g

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This project is rooted in our belief that espresso brewing is still coffee brewing and that only the best coffees can make the best espressos. We want to push the boundaries on flavor.

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Direct Trade

This coffee meets or exceeds Intelligentsia’s Direct Trade standards. For a coffee to be given this status, Intelligentsia and the producer/cooperative partner must meet ALL of the following criteria.

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