Filtron Home Cold Brewer

Soaking ground coffee and water in a container overnight and filtering through a thick cotton pad produces a concentrate that can be added to hot or cold water to make individual cups of coffee. Cold brewing extracts the desirable flavor compounds (and the caffeine) but leaves behind many of the oils and fatty acids that give hot brewed coffee the familiar bite and make it difficult for some people to digest. When stored in the refrigerator, this concentrate has a shelf life of 14 days. Makes about 48 oz. of coffee concentrate per brew.


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As 95-98% of a cup of coffee is water; the significance of water as a variable in quality is undeniable. It is important to filter your water with a home filtration system (such as a carbon filter found in Brita filters) in order to remove chlorine and fluoride. Another way around the problem is to use filtered bottled water.