Cha'va Cafe, Chicago

Cha'va Cafe, Chicago

Organic Earl Grey 250 Gram Bag

Our version of the traditional English favorite features real bergamot oil, matched with a full-bodied Yunnan black tea to produce an intense floral citrus flavor with a smooth, lingering finish.

$31.50 / 250 g bag

This tea is shipping from Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco



  • RegionMannong Manmai, Yunnan
  • CountryChina
  • HarvestSeptember 2015
  • CultivarCamellia sinensis var. assamica


  • Vessel Glass or ceramic teapot
  • Temp. 205
  • Dose 3 g tea to 8oz water
  • Time 3-5 minutes
  • Infusions 1

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