Organic English Breakfast 250 Gram Bag

The slightly spicy malt character of our Organic English Breakfast gives way to sweet dried fruit flavors and delicate notes of spice.  The rich and smooth body creates a cup with layers of depth not often found in breakfast teas.  The sugary finish is slightly citric with a lingering flavor of toasted malt.

$28.00 / 250 g bag

This tea is shipping from Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco



  • ProducerKilogram Blend
  • RegionMannong Manmai, Yunnan
  • CountryChina
  • HarvestSeptember 2015
  • CultivarCamellia sinensis var. assamica


  • Vessel Glass or ceramic teapot
  • Temp. 205
  • Dose 3 g tea to 8oz water
  • Time 3-5 minutes
  • Infusions 1

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