Cha'va Cafe, Chicago

Cha'va Cafe, Chicago

Organic Golden Keemun

Eastern China black tea with aromas of cedar, citrus, and spice.  The creamy mouth-feel offers just a  touch of briskness while the deep flavors of pine, dried date, and black pepper are balanced with the concentrated sweetness of dried fruit.  Unlike most Keemun style teas the flavor is unadulterated with any smokiness which gives our Golden Keemun lots of clarity. 

$18.99 / 1.75 oz

This tea is shipping from Los Angeles



  • RegionHubei
  • CountryChina
  • HarvestJune 2013
  • CultivarCamellia sinensis var. sinensis


  • Vessel Glass Teapot
  • Temp. 210 F
  • Dose 1 Teaspoon per 6 oz of water
  • Time 3-4 Minutes
  • Infusions 1

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