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Organic Iron Goddess of Mercy 250 Gram Bag

Our 2016 Organic Iron Goddess of Mercy is loaded with subtle flavors and nuance. The medium-oxidation level combined with the high elevation produces a sweet and floral cup, with hints of pine and the charcoal  roasting process. The firing process reduces the astringency without damaging the long-lingering floral finish. Each person who tastes this tea is bound to taste something unique.

$68.00 / 250 g bag

This tea is shipping from Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco



  • RegionHubei
  • CountryChina
  • HarvestJune 2016
  • CultivarCamellia Sinensis var. Sinensis


  • Vessel Gaiwan
  • Temp. 190-195
  • Dose fill 15-20% of gaiwan
  • Time 1-2 minutes
  • Infusions multiple

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