Intelligentsia Logan Square

Intelligentsia Logan Square

Organic Jasmine Green 1.75 oz Box

 Jasmine Green is a traditional blend of spring-picked green tea scented with fresh aromatic jasmine blossoms.  Many jasmine scented teas undergo a pan-firing process.   Our Jasmine Green, in contrast, was gently baked to better absorb the complex aroma and flavor of jasmine.  Only scenting the tea repeatedly can create such a perfumed and fragrantly dynamic cup.

$9.99 / 1.75 oz

This tea is shipping from Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco



  • RegionHubei
  • CountryChina
  • HarvestSummer 2015
  • CultivarCamellia sinensis var. sinensis


  • Vessel Small glass or porcelain teapot
  • Temp. 175-180
  • Dose 4.5 g tea to 8oz water
  • Time 3-5 minutes
  • Infusions 3

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