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Our first coffeebar in Austin, Texas is located at Third & Shoal. We worked with a local artist, Erin Curtis, to create our stunning brick mural which anchors our coffeebar.

607 W. 3rd Street, Suite 0110
Austin, TX 78701

6:30 am-6 pm / Monday-Friday
7:30am-7pm /Saturday-Sunday

It took 4,800 bricks, 10,000 cuts and 13,000 total pieces to create the beautiful brick mural that anchors our new Shoal Creek Coffeebar. The mural titled ‘We Are Living On A Star’ was designed by local artist, Erin Curtis. A lot of love went into creating this piece and we’re excited to share a behind the scenes look at Erin’s design process and all of the hands that went into creating this work of art.

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