When we set out to create Intelligentsia Cold Coffee, our goal was to make something that would live up to the high expectations we set for all of our coffees.

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Bag in Box

High volume outlets who need a lot of cold coffee quickly will find this the perfect match. Simply add water to our concentrate and you're ready to serve 3 gallons of cold coffee via keg, tap system or other high volume delivery device. These are also fitted with interfaces for fountain machines and mix-at-serve solutions.

8oz Bottles

No Equipment needed. Just add water to our concentrate, mix and you've got delicious cold coffee ready for your customers. This is perfect for lower volume coffee shops, restaurants or events.

  64 oz. Bag-in-Box with fitment 8 oz. Bottle
Concentrate Ratio 5:1 8:1
Case Pack 2/64 oz BIB w/ fitment 20/8oz. Bottles
Yield per Unit 3 gallons per 64 oz BIB 72 oz. per 8oz bottle
Yield per Case 6 gallons of cold coffee 11.25 gallons of cold coffee
Case Dimensions 5.75" x 9.25" x 8" 10" x 8.5" x 6.25"
Case Weight 9 lbs. 12.17 lbs.
Pallet Configuration 140 (7 x 20) 140 (7 x 20)
Pallet Weight 1300 lbs. 1700 lbs.
Ingredients Direct Trade coffee and water Direct Trade coffee and water
Shelf Life 90 days from production 90 days from production
Storage Keep refrigerated at all times Keep refrigerated at all times
All Natural Yes Yes
Direct Trade Yes - we visit our partners farms at least 1x every year Yes - we visit our partners farms at least 1x every year
Delicious, Clear, and Vibrant? Yes Yes
Chuggable? Yes Yes
Dispensing Options Cut corner of BIB mix with 2.5 gallons water directly in keg or dispensing urn OR connect directly to dispensing equipment with BIB fitment for an efficient/compact system Add 8oz concentrate to serving pitcher mix with 64oz of water, and serve
Operational Needs Large 3 gallon batches served within 3 days. Most efficient and cost effective offering. Small batch preparation, flexible, minimal storage and equipment configuration. Perfect for any operator to start serving cold coffee today.