We are committed to helping coffee farmers grow their business and create exceptional coffees that we can ultimately pass on to you. We do this through our sustainable business philosophy and by creating a vibrant community within our growing network of coffee growing partners. Together, it’s our passion and mission to disrupt the status quo and continually push the boundaries of quality to redefine what coffee can be.

Direct Trade

More than fifteen years ago we brought the Direct Trade model to the coffee industry. Why? Because we believe that the close, reciprocal relationships we build with the coffee farmers is critical to producing outstanding coffee, season after season. We partner with coffee producers who share our vision for transparency, continual shared learning, and the highest standards of quality. In return, we provide our coffee growing partners with the tools, resources, and support to help them sustainably operate their businesses.

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Extraordinary Coffee Workshop

We created the Extraordinary Coffee Workshop (ECW) to unite coffee growers who share our vision and commitment to producing coffee of exceptional quality through transparent and sustainable farming and business practices. ECW is an annual event that we first began in 2008, which continues to grow each year. ECW provides the opportunity for farmers from around the coffee-producing world to come together and exchange knowledge and conceptualize tomorrow’s coffee best practices.

Extraordinary Coffee Workshop