When we’re not working with the farmers who grow the coffees we roast to perfection at our facilities, we’re in our communities sharing our passion for Intelligentsia with uncompromising coffee drinkers like you. Come join us and take a look at the many ways we can help you grow your appreciation and understanding of coffee.

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Public Classes

Become your own barista with our hands-on public coffee classes offered at our Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Atlanta facilities. You’ll learn the tricks of the trade from Intelligentsia’s own experienced baristas and use our state of the art equipment for a comprehensive and educational training course. Expand your coffee knowledge and take your at-home brewing to the next level.

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Public Tours

Experience Intelligentsia behind the scenes during a public tour at one of our Chicago Roasting Works. You’ll see a live demonstration of how our award-winning coffees come to fruition and learn the process behind our close-knit partnerships with producers from around the world. If you’re as passionate about coffee as we are, we’d love to have you. There’s a freshly brewed coffee waiting for you.

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Broadway Brewing Classes

Hone in on your home brew skills during our monthly Brew Class! Learn what happens during the coffee brewing process and how to manipulate variables to make coffee taste better! Upon completion of the class, participants will receive a bag of Single Origin coffee and a 10% discount on brewing equiptment!

Brew like a barista at home!