As we create years-long relationships with coffee farmers, we spend hours exchanging best practices, sharing ideas and collaborating. Then, with each growing season, the farmers that we work with put our ideas into action with the goal of taking another step forward in advancing their coffee growing and processing techniques. As a result of these intimate collaborations, we’ve launched a number of ongoing projects that guide us on unique, and sometimes surprising, journeys to better quality, and ultimately, better tasting coffee.

Black Cat Project

The Black Cat Project pushes the boundaries of what exceptional espresso can be. This is founded on our belief that espresso is simply a technique of brewing coffee, and that the quality of an espresso is the direct byproduct of the quality of the coffee from which it’s produced. The Black Cat Project is our ongoing quest to uncover remarkably distinct coffees that, when paired with state-of-the art machinery and expert preparation, lead to impeccable espresso.

The Black Cat Project