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Styled to resemble an Italian espresso bar, this store features original tile floors, marble-topped tables and classic bar stylings. For those of you more familiar with our other coffeebars, this one is a bit more of a classic as compared to our Broadway or Millennium Park locations.

Monadnock Building
53 West Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois 60604

6am-6pm / Monday-Friday
8am-4pm / Saturday
Closed / Sunday

Need coffee or doughnuts for a group? Order here.

Given the Midwestern work ethic, it’s only fitting that one of our Chicago storefronts resides in what was once considered the world’s largest office building. Today, Intelligentsia’s Monadnock coffeebar encapsulates many of the building’s original features. With a distinguished oak and glass entrance,

original tile floors, marble-topped tables, and classic bar styling, the design of the space seeks to blend early nuances of modern architecture with characteristics of an Italian espresso bar. It is this integration of classic elements and progressive brewing ideas that mark the ethos of Intelligentsia.

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